Support objectives

The School offers integration education to ethnic minority children whose second language is Chinese. We provide rich and meaningful language environment and systematic curricula to clear up NCS students' difficulties in learning Chinese. By means of classroom teaching, we enhance their motivation and interest to learn, thus building up their dignity and self-confidence. We also conduct parental activities to increase their motivation to integrate into the community so that they will enjoy equal education opportunity, regardless of their races.


Supportive measures for NCS students

1. By utilizing extra subsidies, we will purchase teaching materials to offer extra in-class support for NCS students. We will also, based on students' needs, provide after-school Chinese language learning support.
2. To focus on students whose second language is Chinese, we will adopt games and interesting teaching modes to promote peer interaction. We will create a suitable language learning environment for NCS students. With use of Chinese learning materials, they will learn the structure of Chinese characters. We will help to boost their learning motivation and overcome their learning difficulties.
3. By organizing sharing sessions, we will show Chinese language learning outcomes of NCS students.


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