We provide early training and care to children with special needs so that they learn and accept each other. They can also explore their potentials. We offer a different mode of teaching, such as “Individual Counseling”, “Group Counseling”, “Integrated Education Programme” and “Daily Life Skills”. Children with special needs can receive an all-rounded development - physically, intellectually, linguistically, socially, and personally.


Time arrangement

Same as the timetable of full-time course.


Eligibility for the service

Children aged two to six who have special education needs (SEN) or are mildly mentally handicapped.


Application procedures

The application is to be referred to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department by Maternal and Child Health Centres, Child Assessment Centres, Integrated Family Service Centres, medical social workers, pediatrician doctors or psychologists. After receiving the approval form, we will inform parents of the enrolment procedure.


Withdrawal of the service

If children decide to withdraw from the school, parents should inform the School one month prior to the withdrawal.