Our school adopts ideas of “children-centeredness” and Christ’s love for the people to design school-based curriculum. Children can learn from a comprehensive curriculum and experience the joy of learning through games. We follow activity-based, and picture-book based teaching methods, together with project approach according to students’ daily-life experiences to design integrated curriculum. Children can provoke their interests by outdoor visits and various extra-curricular activities. Programs include theme-based explorations and experiential activities, and mixed-age teaching in life experience development so that students can enjoy learning from large or small groups, and activity corners every day.

Student support
Newcomer adaption programme, Experiencing Primary One activity, Paired Reading, referral service for students with special needs, religious activities with ministry from church, provide care of children’s physical and mental health, engage in activity of community-based organizations, and contact with parents to form a closer bond and improve parent and child relationship.