Curriculum Characteristics

★ According to the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum, we adopt Open Course curriculum to design suitable courses based on children’s needs.
★ We conduct all-rounded language learning to enhance children’s language ability including speaking, reading, listening and writing.
★ We emphasize learning through games and prepare suitable activities according to individual’s abilities.
★ With use of “Thematic Learning” and “Project Approach”, children can participate in various integrated activities and are encouraged to explore and learn.
★ We develop religious, life, environmental and moral education.


Structure of Curriculum


We develop children’s linguistic ability through methods of listening, interaction and games, we also organize paired-reading scheme and reading activities such as Parents' Storytelling to cultivate children’s reading interest and habit.



Students can learn comprehensive communication in Putonghua by storytelling, reading aloud children songs, role play, oral practice and game activity.



Children are encouraged to learn English through storytelling, song sharing, oral practice and game activity, and recive an elementary impression of Phonics.


Life Education, Environmental Education, Moral Education and Social Development

Students can build positive ethics, morality and interpersonal relationship through religious stories and hands-on experiences of environmental conservation.


Interface Between Kindergarten and Primary School

To ensure successful transition from kindergarten to primary school, we arrange primary school visit for K3 students and provides primary school study mode experiencing activity. We also conduct parent' talk to help parents understand the learning mode of primary schools.