Sponsoring Body: Baptist Mid-Missions
Religion: Christianity
Year of Establishment: 1990
School Principal: Ms YIP Mei Yee Stella 
Address: G/F, Tai Sang House, 
Kin Sang Estate, Tuen Mun
Telephone: 2455 9803
Fax: 2454 3335
Website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Light Rail: 505 / 615 / 615P (Kin Sang)
Bus: 58M / 58P / 58X / 260X / K58 / 50M (Kin Sang Estate,Tai Sang House)
Public Light Bus:

40 Siu Hang Tsuen to Tuen Mun Town Centre - Looping 
(Kin Sang Estate - Tai Sang House)