Class: K2


Name of activity

Chasing the Word of Dragon


Goal of activity

⦿ Through reading the story of the idiom and pictures, children can understand the transformation of the word “Dragon” (Long).

⦿ Nurturing the interest of appreciation of the beauty of Chinese characters.

⦿ Enhancing the understanding of the features of the word “Dragon” (Long).



⦿ By introducing idiom “Hua Long Dian Jing” (an idiom means putting the finishing touches on something), students can appreciate various pictures of dragons of their forms and the transformation of the word, which allows children to understand more about the features of dragons. Moreover, they can also learn about the transformation of Chinese characters and Chinese culture. During the appreciation of the word “Dragon” (Long), children can give full play to their innovation under teachers’ guidance - using water pens to design different fonts of dragon, students can enjoy the beauty of the words.


Achievement in the activity:

Through displaying the word transformation of dragon at National Corner, children can use whiteboard markers to imitate the shapes of word. This activity raises children’s interests towards the transformation of Chinese words and its history and eventually enhances national identity.

K2 中華文化校本學習活動展示 - 龍字大追蹤