Class: K3


Name of activity

The Wisdom of the Chinese: The Design of Window Lattice


Goal of activity

⦿ Children can raise Chinese cultural identity through acquiring the knowledge of Chinese architecture.

⦿ Children can enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture through Chinese window lattice.

⦿ Children can appreciate the art of Chinese architecture and thousand-year history of China.



⦿ By introducing the story of “Rao Liang San Ri” (an idiom means the sound reverberating around the rafters for three days), children can observe various kinds of Chinese ancient architectures and make comparison to modern buildings, which invokes child’s observation of the features of Chinese architecture.

⦿ Children can experience the highlight of Chinese aesthetics - repetition of patterns, using a center point for surrounding decoration through the creating process of window lattice, while strengthening the knowledge of Chinese architecture and Chinese cultural identity.


Achievement of the activity:

We invited children to show their artwork for peer appreciation and place the pieces into the National Corner for exhibition, encouraging students to express their love for Chinese architecture and begin to appreciate the thousand-year history of China.

K3 中華文化校本學習活動展示-中國人的智慧 – 窗櫺設計