Class: K1


Name of activity

Chinese Characters: The Transformation of the word “Miao”


Goal of activity

⦿ Through reading the story and watching videos of the idiom, children can understand the transformation of the word of “Miao.”

⦿ Nurturing the interest of appreciation of the beauty of Chinese characters.

⦿ Building and enhancing the understanding of Chinese characters and Chinese culture as well as cultural identity.



⦿ By introducing idiom “Ya Miao Zhu Zhang” (an idiom means pulling out the seeds for growth but cause them wither), children can see the picture of rice seeds and touch the real ear of rice and white rice, which can learn the process of rice planting and understand rice is a major food source in China.

⦿ Children can observe the words in the pictures. The transformation of Chinese characters by using the video about word creation by Cangjie.

⦿ With animation videos – pictures of seedling, children can understand the meaning of the word “Miao” through visuals. By watching another video, The Transformation of Chinese Characters – Miao, it can raise children’s awareness of Chinese characters in daily life and the sense of national identity can be nurtured.


Children divided into two groups for group activities:

Activity 1: Let’s Be a Farmer! (Language Corner): Children can put on straw hats and taking turns to search for different word formation of “Miao” in the field. During the activity, students need to imitate the role of farmers – put the seedling on the soil (pegboards), to appreciate the formation of the word of “Miao.”

Activity 2: Great Harvest (Innovation Corner): Children are allowed to choose their preferable word of Miao, using fingers to write along the word shape. Then, students will put white glue on top of the word shed the materials (rice grains, rice hulls, beans, brown rice, etc.) on the card, and form the word “Miao.”


Achievement in the activity:

After finishing group activity, teachers will give straws to children, and bring the plants along with a worksheet back home. Students will use the straws to cut and paste the word “Miao” in regular script on the worksheet. After handing in the worksheets, children will show their works and share their feelings in groups. Eventually, teachers will display the pieces in National Corner, which allows children’s observation and appreciation of the beauty of different shapes of words.

K1 中華文化校本學習活動展示-中國的漢子-苗字的演變